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Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property Law

The intellectual property covers a wide variety of areas: company names, trademarks, service ideas and designs, industrial inventions, visuals, texts, audio records, etc. The proper protection of copyrights is also a financial protection of the owners of this property, which encourages and generates the development of the further ideas. Our task is to ensure the proper legal protection of your ideas.

Consultations regarding the protection of violated intellectual property rights:

  • Representation of the Clients’ interests when registering trademarks and designs;
  • Consultations on the conclusion of contracts for the acquisition, use, distribution of copyright of the objects; as well as organizing and coordinating the terms of such contracts;
  • Representation of our clients in disputes/litigations about the violation of copyright and related rights;
  • Representation of the Client’s interests of in pre-trial and legal litigations regarding the illegal and fraudulent use of the intellectual property, as well as regarding the compensation for the resulting property and non-material damage.

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