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We provide the services of mediation (conciliatory mediation). This method of dispute resolution is widespread in Western countries, and it is gradually strengthening its positions in Lithuania. We are glad that the Clients understand the benefits of mediation and are increasingly using this service. We encourage our Clients to understand the advantages and the benefits of mediation, as opposed to choosing to resolve the dispute in court.

  • The judicial trial, generally, is the public one, in addition, in the modern digital world, information about the case, and its party, can be accessed anywhere, even after a long time after the consideration of the case itself is over. Meanwhile, the mediation guarantees full confidentiality and protection of personal data;
  • The decision is made by a judge in the court. One side always wins and the other one loses. In mediation, decisions are made by the parties themselves, thus, having all chances to find mutually beneficial and favorable solutions;
  • As a rule, mediation is a much faster and less expensive way to resolve a dispute. There is no need to hire expensive lawyers; neither pay the stamp-duty to the court;
  • Your precious time is saved. It is not spent on the court hearings; the dispute is resolved promptly, at a time convenient for both parties;
  • Even if a satisfactory solution cannot be reached for both parties, there always remains the possibility of resolving the dispute in court.

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