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Business Law

Business Law

In the process of creating and developing businesses, establishing new business relationships, concluding and executing the contracts, it is always useful to assess the potential risk of possible disputes. A smart enterpriser predicts the potential disputes and risks before they arise, and organizes his activities in such a way as to minimize the disturbance, and if the problems arise, he solves them easily, quickly and with minimal costs.

Consultations regarding all legal issues of the company:

  • Legal auditing of companies;
  • Representing interests of companies and shareholders, resolving disputes between the shareholders, as well as between the companies and the shareholders;
  • Preparation or altering of the constituent documents (statutes, regulations), internal documents of the company (work regulations, internal rules, instructions);
  • Assistance in the establishment of companies of various organizational and legal forms and other legal entities, branches and representative offices;
  • Preparation of projects of various contracts;
  • Legal assessment of the concluded contracts and projects of contracts; consulting on the implementation of contractual obligations/contracts;
  • Representing the interests of Clients in negotiations, in institutions of pre-trial dispute settlement, and in courts of all instances.

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