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Labor Law

Labor Law

Well prepared, negotiated with employees documents describing labor relations, that are well understood by both parties, help to avoid many disputes in the future, as well as to terminate the labor relations that did not live up to each other’s expectations. Having formalized all the essential conditions in writing, you will feel much safer and more confident, either entering the new work position or hiring a new employee.


For employers:

  • Preparation of the projects of employment contracts;
  • Consultations on the issues of concluding, executing, replacing and terminating the employment contracts;
  • Agreements on non-competition, confidentiality;
  • Preparation of Collective agreements;
  • Consultations for employers regarding the relations with labor unions and production councils;
  • Work and residence permits for workers from the third countries;
  • Representation in the settlement of the individual and collective labor disputes.

For employees:

We consult on the issues of concluding, amending, executing and terminating an employment contract:

  • Determination, change, non-payment, recovery of wages;
  • Establishing a testing when concluding an employment contract in the interests of both the employee and the employer;
  • Termination of the employment contract at the initiative of the employee or employer;
  • Application of full or limited material liability of the employee;
  • Disciplinary sanction for assignment, disputes, work stoppages, absenteeism;
  • Assistance in calculating the output benefits, annual vacation costs, additional payments, etc;
  • Representation of the employee’s interests in the Labor Disputes Commission in the Labor Inspectorate, in courts of all instances.

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