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Migration Law

Migration Law

Lithuanian citizens leaving to live abroad, as well as the foreign citizens wishing to obtain a residence permit in Lithuania, have many questions about the application of legal acts regulating this sphere. Lawyers of the office assist Clients in obtaining visas and temporary residence permits in the Republic of Lithuania, if necessary, advise and represent foreign citizens in state and municipal institutions of the Republic of Lithuania, managing various documents. We provide legal assistance to citizens of the Republic of Lithuania who are abroad, and who aim to resolve the legal problems left in Lithuania.

  • Preparation of documents for obtaining a temporary or permanent residence permit and work permit in the Republic of Lithuania;
  • Consulting and preparation of documents related to obtaining Schengen visas, with the assurance of invitations to enter the Republic of Lithuania, and other related issues;
  • If necessary, finding our Clients a place of residence in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • Consultations and preparation documents on the acquisition of citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • Consultations on granting refugee status issue;
  • Representation of our Client in the Department of Migration of the Republic of Lithuania, the Migration Board, other state and municipal authorities, institutions and courts.

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